Dear Editor,

Our nursing home residents are suffering more than anyone during this COVID-19 pandemic. They have been shut in their rooms for seven weeks as of Sept. 20, 2020. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day in a 10x12 foot space. No visitors what-so-ever in seven weeks, only cell phone calls. For the ones that can get around and move about this is pure torture. Even inmates in prison are given time out of their cells. Are our precious senior citizens not worth at least the same? I understand the danger of them being so susceptible to this virus but something could be done better than this. No one seems to care if these forgotten souls are locked up 24 hours a day. We provide money, facilities and assistance for all kinds of people, why not our seniors who have lived a good life and now deserve some help, kindness and resources to alleviate this lockup that is killing them. How would any of you like to be locked up 24 hours a day, never going outside your 10x12 foot room? These residents had rather die from this virus than to lose their minds locked up like an animal. Someone speak out! Someone do something that has the influence and power to do so!

Steve R. Lea, Henagar, Alabama

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