Are you aware of the DeKalb County School Board’s COVID-19 policies? It’s probably not what you think!

Monday my 8-year-old son and I were diagnosed with COVID-19. My oldest son doesn’t have it and isn’t showing any symptoms. The pediatrician agreed that it was best to keep him out of school for quarantine with us because he had been exposed. I called Plainview to inform them that neither of my children would be attending school for the next 10 to 14 days. I was told that I could still send my 9-year-old to school.

The office representative said, “according to the CDC guidelines we currently have, children who have been exposed to COVID but have no symptoms can still come in.” She also told me that I can’t “live my life in fear” and they are “taking precautions.” The precautions include masks, but only on the buses. As well as cleaning, but not social distancing.

After speaking with the office rep. I reached out to the pediatrician to inform them that this was Plainview’s policy. They were just as appalled. I, also, reached out to the CDC of Alabama. They stated while they highly recommend masks and social distancing, they can’t enforce it. They stated that it was up to the schools who to allow to attend or not. They were also appalled by the school’s policy, but couldn’t do anything about it. When I spoke to the BOE they kept repeating that it was the policy they agreed on.

My issue is that they did not inform the parents of this. They, also, aren’t taking any of the CDC’s other recommendations, just the mandatory cleaning. But if they aren’t taking the other recommendations for our children’s safety, it makes me question if they are cleaning according to the CDC standards. Or just enough to “get by.”

Their policies don’t mention they are allowing children who have been exposed to return to school. Even when it’s their parents or siblings in the same household who have been diagnosed.

Our elementary-aged students, who cannot be vaccinated, are getting sick because the schools are refusing to be held accountable. Our children don’t care what the left or right are doing. They care that their head hurts so bad “it feels like it’s going to explode.”


Crissy Hall, Rainsville, Alabama

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