I am writing about an incident that happened July 11. I found a very small kitten that someone had put out on the side of the road covered with green flies all over it, and it was trying to get away from them but it was too little. I got the flies off of it and put it in a paper towel I had in my car and brought it home. It had a hole in the side of its throat where my husband pulled a wolf worm out. It could barely walk it was so weak. We fixed milk and my husband fed it with a dropper. It ate and went to sleep. What I would like to know is what kind of a person could treat an animal that way? It lived until the 15th and died. God did not mean for us to treat animals this way. We are to take care of them. I hope who did this will read this and be ashamed. It was very sweet and loved. Thank you.

Nancy S. Baker, Fort Payne

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