By the time this edition is printed, football season in DeKalb County will have officially kicked off.

Here at the Times-Journal, we call this time of year Football Friday season.

Just like all news stories, the editorial department is responsible for the football coverage across the county. To get the football coverage to you by Saturday morning, we work late on Friday nights. Our sports editor Cody Dowler, myself, two staff writers, and a few contract writers we call “stringers” team up to get stats, photos, scores and stories on Friday nights.

After all of the games are over, we come back to the office and answer the phones, read the stories, edit them, and then try our best to send the paper to press before midnight. Ironically, game time for us here at the office is actually when the games are over.

I say this every year, but Cody is without a doubt our team captain in all of this. On Friday afternoons, before we leave work, Cody goes over our game plan. He assigns us to schools and tells us what kind of photo opportunities to be looking for while we’re on the sidelines.

Football Friday nights are different, but they are exciting. We all work hard to put together a Sports Extra section for Saturday’s edition for you all to read and enjoy. We want to highlight the football teams in DeKalb County and give the players and coaches the coverage they deserve.

We hope you all enjoy this first edition of the Sports Extra football coverage, and we hope you enjoy the ones we will be working on every Friday night from now until the season is over.

Kayla Beaty is the managing editor of the Times-Journal. Her email is

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