This is not what I thought we’d be talking about as we approached May 1, the one-year anniversary of my purchase of the newspaper.

No, I thought we’d be talking about all the positive changes we have made to the product, its production and its distribution over the last 365 days. In fact, I’d much prefer to talk to you about all of those changes, which have been significant and wide ranging.

Instead, we are talking about the change we have announced as a result of the last 36 days, which is also significant and wide ranging.

A worldwide pandemic that causes cities, states and countries to temporarily shut down will do that sort of thing, I guess.

While there is nothing good about COVID-19 nor its impact, I do believe our adjusted publication schedule will be a good one for the newspaper, its readers and its advertisers.

As we told you in Saturday’s edition, we have created a new Wednesday edition that will offer the very best of the paper’s previous Tuesday and Thursday editions. We will continue to publish an expanded weekend edition on Saturday as well.

You are also going to see us more committed than ever to keeping you informed in real time through social media and online updates.

As so many of our valued business partners, our advertisers, have had to adjust to what is happening in the market and community right now, we have had to adjust along with them. Combining the best of the two weekday editions into one new midweek edition will create a superior overall product for our readers and advertisers while also creating cost savings and efficiencies for the paper.

Creating cost savings while doing everything reasonably possible to continue keeping our staff, your friends and neighbors, on the job delivering quality local coverage of the community is how we are all going to successfully get to the other side of this.

In fact, it’s about as close to a win-win situation as you can get with these types of decisions, and at a time when doing nothing is simply not an option, these are the kind of decisions that have to be made.

As I said in the front-page story on Saturday, this newspaper has been serving this community for generations. With your help — whether you are a subscriber, an advertiser or both — we are going to be here to serve this community for generations to come.

Patrick Graham is the owner of The Walton Tribune. His email address is

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