We at ABC Plus understand the frustration DeKalb County residents must be feeling at this point in time. They want the vaccine, and we want to ensure they receive it. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t available.

We’re told that demand currently exceeds the supply of vaccine doses in Alabama, so getting a vaccination may take several weeks, maybe months. As a matter of fact, most health departments are booked through April.

ABC Plus is working to get more vaccines into DeKalb County. We currently have more than 2,000 names on our list, including hundreds of citizens, the City of Fort Payne, Fort Payne City School system, DeKalb County School system, FPIA, and many manufacturing plants.

As a national provider, ABC Plus is known for our commitment to providing exceptional service across all 50 states. So, it is highly frustrating that, due to the lack of vaccines in Alabama, we are limited in providing timely service to the people in our own backyard.

That being said, we ask that our friends and neighbors continue to be patient, as DeKalb County Health Dept., DeKalb Regional Medical Center, and ABC Plus are doing our absolute best to administer doses as quickly as they are made available.

In the meantime, please continue to practice approved safety guidelines. And, rest assured, if you are on our list, we will get to you as soon as feasibly possible.

Alabama Dept. of Health, CDC, and Moderna: If you can hear me, DeKalb County Alabama needs more vaccines!

Jim Farmer, MBA, ACHE


America’s Best Care Plus, Inc.,

Fort Payne, Alabama

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