Jeff Sessions, Tommy Tuberville, Bradley Byrne, and Roy Moore are all hugging Donald Trump as tightly as they can, declaring their love for guns and Jesus and their hate for immigrants and Democrats. Their ads would have you believe that anyone who is not a Trump supporter is in league with the devil and that your neighbor who votes Democrat is trying to destroy Christianity. Well, I am your neighbor who is a Democrat and I think I can define my beliefs better than they can.

I believe that, in the richest country in the world, everyone should have access to healthcare even if they are poor or have a pre-existing condition.

I believe that I do not and should not have the right to tell other people who to worship or who to love.

I believe that every child should be able to go to school without fear of being shot by someone with an assault weapon.

I believe that climate change is a serious threat. Denying the science and pretending it doesn’t exist is cheating our grandchildren.

I believe in the rule of law. I believe that no one is above the law and that no one should have the power to jail his enemies nor let his friends flaunt the law.

I believe that we should all be paying our fair share of taxes. I was raised in poverty and was given government help to get an education. I have used that help to become a productive, tax-paying citizen. As such I have paid back that government help 100-fold.

I believe that true patriotism is voting, paying taxes, participating in our democracy and doing everything we can to protect that democracy, including criticizing it when our government betrays our ideals. I believe those who are silent or, even worse, supportive of actions that destroy American institutions like a free press, an independent judiciary, a caring and concerned citizenry are, themselves, destroying our democracy.

Finally, I believe we are a country of high values and ideals. Those ideals will never be reached by putting greed over kindness, violence over diplomacy, or blatant lies over truth. We will only achieve those ideals if we join together, celebrate what we have in common and honestly debate our differences without name-calling, fearmongering and suggesting that those who disagree with us are in league with the devil.

Tobey Miller, Fort Payne

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