To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in our local and state governments. With the soaring rates of cases in our state, it is my opinion that we should be placed under a “shelter-at-home” ordnance immediately.

ABC 33/40 reported a climb of 28 cases growing from 17 to 45 in only 24 hours at UAB hospital, of which 18 have required ventilators. Even worse is that over 80 more cases are believed to have COVID-19, and are awaiting test results. Healthcare workers have said they are expecting to have even more cases in the days to come, and are being forced to contemplate treating people at local hotels as well as the BJCC if the hospital fills to capacity.

Gov. Ivey has stated she has no intentions of placing the state under a “shelter-at-home” ordinance. I am calling upon her to get this in place before our families are exposed.

My husband works at a nonessential, local plant in Fort Payne, Alabama. They have said they will not be shutting down, and that you may not stay out of work unless you are already showing symptoms. But by that point, you have already put a not small number of people at risk, having been infectious for 14 days before symptoms even show!

My husband has a preexisting lung condition making this virus potentially deadly should he catch it. He is now faced with the terribly difficult decision to either risk being infected or losing his job, which is our only source of income.

The only way we can attempt to stay safe is to force these places to shut down. We are just now seeing our numbers grow, and if people aren’t allowed to stay home, it is only going to get worse. We need to stay at home, and we need their help to do it.

Life vs. way of life shouldn’t be a decision we are forced to make because selfish employers are afraid to lose a dollar and governments are reluctant to act!

The impact on our economy can be fixed with time, family members however, can’t be replaced.

Governor Ivey, the people of Alabama will remember your actions for years to come. Should you run for office again, I hope you remember this.


A Concerned Alabama Citizen.

Brittany Jones, Fort Payne

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