Do you ever find yourself sitting around wondering about things? The old folks used to call that “Pondering.” I am finding, as I grow older, that I’m wondering or pondering more than I used to. In recent years, especially with the coronavirus plague, we had much to wonder about. I just don’t understand many things in our great-big-beauty world these days. Maybe you do. Maybe you can give me the answers to some of these questions that nag at me and sometimes keep me awake at night.

I’ve wondered, for some time now, about coffee. I do love a good cup, or four, of coffee. I need it early in the mornings to jump start my day…to lubricate my brain and get it to, well, pondering. I have one of those 12-cup drip coffee makers. It seems that I go through one of those things about once a year. I’ve been wondering why they don’t seem to make things that last like they used to. We used to perk our coffee. Back then, a good percolator lasted from the time you were born until you married and bought your own. These drip machines don’t seem to last until the coffee gets hot. Here’s my pondering about coffee that has really kept me awake. Why is it that a 12-cup coffee maker only seems to fill up about a half-dozen coffee cups? Of course, I will have to admit that some of my cups are about the size of a number-two wash tub. Now I’m wondering if all this pondering is what’s keeping me awake at night, or if it’s all that coffee I’m drinking. Maybe I should switch to decaffeinated. I wonder how they take out the caffeine. I wonder where caffeine comes from anyway. It seems to be in almost everything I drink. Here’s another thing about coffee that I’m not sure about. I can remove my pot before the coffee is made and the maker stops dripping. I know why it stops dripping, so that’s not what I’m wondering about. I’m wondering if I’ve added the right amount of coffee grounds and water to make 12-cups of coffee, and I pour me a cup after it’s made only 6-cups of coffee, is that first cup of coffee stronger than the ones poured after it? If not, then why not?

Tire wear is another thing I wonder about. I’m about to need to put a new set of tires on my truck because my old ones are beginning to look like the top of my head. I know what causes my tires to wear out, but what I don’t know is what happens to the rubber that wear off my tires. When I use an eraser to erase a mistake I have written with a pencil, it leaves rubber residue on my paper. I can see it there. Why can’t we see the residue that wears off our tires? Yes, I know that tires are the same color as pavement, but still with all that rubber shouldn’t we still be able to see it? There are approximately 275-million motor vehicles in the United States. Why isn’t all that tire residue piled up beside our highways like sand dunes piled up on the beach beside an ocean?

There’s one thing I do know - God loves us. I don’t stay awake worrying about this one. Now, why He loves us, I’m not exactly sure about, other that the fact that He’s a good God. We are not always so loveable, but thank God, He loves us anyway.

— Bill King is a native of Rainsville, where he and his wife graduated from Plainview High School. King is a director of missions in Opelika, a writer, musician and author. His column appears in the Times-Journal Wednesday edition. Visit for more information.

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