Steven Stiefel,

It’s not the we rubes don’t believe in science. It’s the profits of doom you send out to lecture us.

Take Al Gore, his home in Nashville consumes five times the energy of the average home in Nashville. His new ocean side mansion in California, well, I guess the Pacific Ocean won’t rise onto his property. During the 2016 election he endorsed Hillary from a place in Miami that he had told us would be “underwater” by 2010. Yet he didn’t even get his shoes wet, and he had to fly in a private jet. Apparently there are no commercial flights from California to Florida.

Then, of course, we have Three Home Bernie, and Three Home Biden, but the peasants must live in 500 square feet homes and freeze in the dark to “save the planet”.

Sorry, but I just can’t believe Hypocrites.

Craig Nichols, Ider, Alabama

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