Volunteering time offers a rewarding feeling

For my first day of volunteering there, I was in charge of the dessert table. Groups volunteer every week, I want to return there to be of service.

This week, a group of us from the TJ volunteered at the Bread of Life Community Ministries.

I was not sure what to expect, but I knew I was there to help in any way possible. We arrived ready to work and support.

Ben Johnston, who has been working with the Bread of Life ministries since its initiation, was there to provide us with direction, answering any questions we had while setting up a variety of stations.

The Bread of Life Community Ministries offers a free meal and fellowship to anyone who needs it and would like to attend.

The meal consisted of well-rounded dishes, along with a variety of desserts for people to choose from and a drink.

For my first day of volunteering there, I was in charge of the dessert table. I enjoyed it.

I greeted people with a welcoming smile and five different desert picks, and they were happy with the choices.

There was a gentleman there who played Christmas songs on an old piano. That really did something for the atmosphere of the place. As I understand, he plays by ear, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to him play.

A huge Christmas tree was also brought in, donated by a local. A group of people crowded around it and took their time decorating it with ornaments after finishing their meals. It was a heartfelt experience.

After it was done, we also helped clean as much as we could. Not even halfway through my time there, I made a conscious decision to continue volunteering at least once a month.

There are 360 days in a year, and although different churches, organizations, and groups volunteer every week, I want to return there to be of service.

These volunteers also provide food, donations, and help find resources for people in need of assistance.

I encourage everyone who can to consider volunteer or donating to the Bread of Life Community Ministries.

For more information on the Bread of Life Community Ministries, visit them on Facebook or mail donations to P.O. Box 680876.

— Cinthia Rico is a staff writer for the Times-Journal. She can be reached at cinthia.rico@times-journal.com.

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