Everywhere you look now people and businesses are finding ways to be more eco-friendly. Anything that we can do to reduce our footprint on Mother Nature is very vital to our future.

Everyone talks about recycling, which is very important, but there are so many ways we can reduce the amount of waste we create on a daily basis, and I feel that is just as important as recycling.

My good friend Jessie Baggett, takes this very serious. Not only does she recycle, she finds ways to use less and uses products that are eco-friendly to help our environment. Recently, we went to lunch and she pulled out paper straws from her purse. She keeps them in her car and purse so she doesn’t have to use a plastic straw.

Seattle was the first city to ban plastic straws, and New York will look at this in 2020. People and businesses across the nation are looking at ways to be more eco-friendly, and we want to see this trend in DeKalb County. Jessie gave me the idea of highlighting local businesses that are making these changes. If your business is doing something to reduce your footprint let us know. We would love to tell everyone how you are making the efforts to save our planet.

I understand that using eco-friendly products can be very expensive, and I hope as the demand for them increases that the prices will come down to allow more businesses to do so as well. This is not to call out businesses because we are all guilty of using non-biodegradable products because society has made it that way. We want to applaud businesses in our communities that are making an effort to be greener. Even if you only do one thing and can’t afford to do the others, that one thing will help tremendously. If you have been doing it for forever or just recently started, let us know.

If you see a business that has made the move to be greener let us know. We want to tell their story and thank them. Email tricia.clinton@times-journal.com or call me at 256-304-0050.

Tricia Dunne is president and publisher of the Times-Journal. Her column appears in the paper’s weekend edition. Email: tclinton@times-journal.com.

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