Just like former managing editor Bradley Roberts taught me how to write news stories, former sports editor Cody Dowler taught me how to write football gamers. And just like Bradley left the Times-Journal to follow another career, Cody has left the TJ to work in the production department for WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Cody was the sports editor when I first came to work at the Times-Journal as a staff writer. For nearly four years, Cody covered all sporting events in DeKalb County and did an excellent job of it. Over the last year as the managing editor, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and editing Cody’s articles at the end of each publication day. In his writing, it was evident that he cared about the athletes and coaches he wrote about. He was a clean writer, too, which made my job easy. He rarely made grammatical mistakes, and when he did, they were minor.

As far as sports terminology goes, I am only fluent in basketball. So when I would read Cody’s articles about the sports that I was unfamiliar with, he was always good to explain the wording to me.

Over the past few weeks, Cody has helped me write through what we call “football gamers.” This is the process of taking players’ and teams’ statistics from a football game and making an article out of it. I’m certainly no Cody Dowler when it comes to writing a football game overview, but I have learned a lot about it through his help and ever-patient personality.

I know I speak for the entire Times-Journal staff when I say Cody will be missed. I also know that there are athletes and coaching staff members all across DeKalb County that will miss seeing his familiar face on game days and nights. Good luck to you, Cody, in all of your future endeavors. You have left your mark here at the Times-Journal in both the archives and in our hearts.

On page A1 of this edition of the Times-Journal, I had the pleasure of writing the introductory article about the Times-Journal’s new sports editor– Glendon Poe.

Glendon has loads of experience and is chomping at the bit to utilize his skills here at the TJ and we are very excited about that. Glendon told me about some of his plans and goals for sports coverage and I can assure you all that he has some big things in store for our local coaches and athletes.

DeKalb County will yet again be graced with a Times-Journal sports editor that is passionate about sports coverage. Like Cody, Glendon will be working to make connections with athletic departments across the county. He will be interviewing your kids after they just won their first state championship. He will be taking pictures of your grandchildren as they cross the finish line, score the game-winning touchdown or hit the buzzer-beater three-point shot to beat their rival in overtime. He will be featuring your sons and daughters who get the opportunity to go play at the college level and he will be asking coaches the tough questions about what they could have done differently to pull out a win. He will be there in some of the biggest athletic moments in your school’s history and he will be there to document it so that it will live on forever in your memories as well as in the Times-Journal archives.

It may take Glendon a few weeks to get acclimated, so if you are a coach, a player, an athletic director, or a fellow reporter, please, make Glendon feel welcome and know that he is out there to do one of the toughest jobs at a newspaper. Also know that he is not doing it for himself, he is there to make your experience in high school athletics one for the books, or in our case, one for the front page.

We’re glad you’re on our team, Glendon.

Kayla Beaty is the managing editor at the Times-Journal. Her email is k.beaty@times-journal.coom.

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