Dear Editor,

A few days ago, it came up on the news that the man that assassinated Robert Kennedy was eligible for parole. The assassination was on live television.

He should be tried to get all the facts established. If he was found guilty as charged, he should have been executed by his own death years ago, not come up for parole fifty something years after the crime was committed.

I remember in the early 1950s that the Rosenburgs (man and wife) was executed by death in the electric chair for selling (or giving secrets) the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

Capital punishment is essential for society to exist. God’s word commands it. (Genesis 9:5-7) (1st Samuel 24th Chapter)

“Guilty folks that’s facing death for murder might receive eternal salvation by going through the process.” (Proverbs 1:7) (Proverbs 9:10) and (Matthew 16:26)

Jerry Turlington,

Fort Payne, Alabama

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