To wear or not to wear...a mask. This quandary seems to be a basic bone of contention these days. Let’s face it; the darn things are hot, oppressive, and even suffocating, yet we feel obliged to wear one — at least the majority of us do.

If a poll were taken of people most relevant who should wear masks, where would public servants rank? I predict that doctors, nurses, teachers and personnel where we pay bills or buy groceries would be at the top of the list. But what about the courthouse offices?

The mask mandate issued by Governor Kay Ivey requires the wearing of masks in public, so shouldn’t this apply (especially) to elected officials? The mandate was not a choice of “do I?” Or “don’t I?” Wear one. Yet, this situation seems to present a problem for DeKalb County’s Circuit Clerk office whose option of not wearing a mask is putting voters in danger of contracting COVID-19. The office happens to be where voters obtain and return absentee votes. Folks, this attitude and action is unacceptable. Namely, it won’t fly because those who apply for absentee voting this year are mostly concerned about their health. Underlying conditions make them more susceptible to the virus, thus the option for absentee voting. For an elected official to refuse to wear a mask is simply a slap in the face to both Governor Ivey and the voters in DeKalb County.

Please contact the circuit clerk at (256) 845-2545 to insist they follow Governor Ivey’s mandate and wear a mask in the office to keep vulnerable voters safe.

Jan Stevens, Sylvania, Alabama

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