Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter because I am very concerned about the destiny of this nation. The news that I hear through the news media is the worst that I have ever heard in my life. I have been living on this earth over three-fourths of a century.

Crime is much worse than it used to be. I never have heard of so much killing in my life. These folks are assigned to protect us. Abortion of babies is legal in this land. I hear that it is proposed that the baby is supposed to be murdered as it comes from the mother’s womb. School shootings and public shootings are increased.

Now tell me what’s wrong with the people in this nation? We have a very bad drug problem. Generally, are folks concerned? How concerned are the Christian people in all that’s taking place?

We need revival in this land. The folks that bear the Christian name seems to be asleep and not care. There is more to the Christian life than spending a couple hours in the church house and heading to the restaurant or to shopping places after church service is over.

As I read in the Bible; God’s people hold the “key” to what’s going on. II Chronicles 7:14 gives the solution.

I’ve heard that it is not good to mix politics and religion. Personally, I do not believe in a certain religion governing the affairs of the people, but this nation is founded on Christian principles. Since the 1950s God’s name has been outlawed in public places. Now tell me, are we any better off? The voters are the ones that supposed tp put the people in public office. If the Christian people did not participate in the voting process and run for office, who would be our leaders to run the nation?

Caring not and indifference by Christian people is killing this nation. Christian people need to act like Christians. If they would repent and turn from their evil ways, I believe that we would see a big difference in this nation.

Personally, I am “outraged.” I refuse to keep silent and watch this nation go to hell.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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