Our grandfather, the Super Citizen

Plainview fifth graders Creek Johnson and Brayden Lingerfelt with their Super Citizen-nominated grandfather Rodger Lingerfelt.

Monday DeKalb County students gathered to celebrate what it means to be a good citizen while reading essays and distributing awards to the many community heroes.

Rainsville Major Rodger Lingerfelt was nominated and chosen as Plainview’s fifth grade 2019 Super Citizen Hero.

Fifth grade students Creek Johnson and Brayden Lingerfelt nominated their grandfather for this year’s Super Citizen Hero Award in the following composition.

Plainview fifth grade chose our Super Citizen Here because of his support for our school and community.

Our hero is our grandfather, Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt.

As a former graduate of Plainview, he continues to show his support to our school by volunteering to coach basketball and softball.

He also coached the first Dixie Youth Baseball team to make it to state.

Rodger Lingerfelt worked at Farmers Telephone Company for 43 years, served on the Rainsville City Council for 12 years, and is currently in his third year as Mayor of Rainsville.

Mayor Lingerfelt and the City of Rainsville have been instrumental in helping out the community.

They have built a softball field and a batting building off-campus for the Plainview softball team to have a home field to play and practice on.

He envisioned and put into action rebuilding Chavies Bridge into a two-lane bridge.

These are just a few of the accomplishments in our community, thanks in part to his leadership.

Rodger Lingerfelt – mayor, coach, and devoted Plainview fan, is deserving of the Super Citizen Hero Award due to his loyalty and devotion in bettering our community for everyone fortunate enough to live here, and we are proud he is our grandfather.

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