What was going through your mind that terrible, dark day at Calvary?

Was there doubt and fear among the pain and shame?

Was there a brief moment you felt forsaken?

Trust your God, holy son of God.

Resurrection day is coming.

It was for your death and torment that you were sent, to save the whole world through your holy sacrament.

For every thorn in your brow, for every hair pulled from you face, for every slap in your face, for every pierce in your side, for every nail driven in your hands and feet, for every drop of blood, and for every denial and rejection and humiliation. You did this for me, for us, for them, to save us from sin.

All that torture and pain you did to gain that one last sinner that was me.

Now, I’m free, washed clean in your blood.

What amazing love.

Upon the annals of time and space law and grace embraced upon that bloody cross at Calvary.

The world learned a lesson that day at Calvary.

That God is fathful and no matter how far away He seems, He is in our harts and in our thoughts.

Now Father and Son are united and they will never depart.

Until Jesus leaves His throne in Heaven on His final mission to bring the Christians home to be with Him, where they belong.

Viola Choate, Henagar, Alabama

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