Dear Editor,

You may print my letter or you may not: that is up to you. If we are honest with one another, no two people agree on everything.

This is concerning the coronavirus or COVID-19. I get disgusted and angry to see what this disease is doing to this country. I get sick and tired of reading in The Times-Journal of the obituaries in your paper of the most of the folks dying of this disease. But lately I have seen as high as 24. It has been consistent above 10 people has died.

I get tired to turn on the television and see preachers preaching to empty or “spaced” pews. This is putting people out of work because businesses are shutting down and going out of business because they can’t make a profit.

This disease has affected us greatly at Crowne Nursing Home. Activities and church has been cut out since February of last year; and we have been restricted to our rooms much of that time. We have tested for the virus much regularly till the vaccines come out. Lately they mostly check our temperature.

Satan knows that he is defeated concerning the cross and resurrection; and he knows there is a God. Since we as humans have free choice, therefore he is taking as much people to the lake of fire and Hell as he can.

Consider the course this state (Alabama) is heading, the Legislature is considering casino gambling and medical marijuana as laws. We should repent and repeal abortion. It is my sincere belief that the world is experiencing this pandemic on the account of 63,000,000+ babies that has been murdered or aborted.

We have had a proven leader in the White House. This nation has refused him a second term. He is one of the best president that ever serve this nation if not the best. May God bless Mr. Donald J. Trump.

I am running several copies of this letter.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne, Alabama

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