To be American

Americans stick together, forever.

We’re not separated by hate, racism or politics.

We bind together as one family,

One country, one flag and one God.

We are great because God is great.

Nations rise and nations fall, but we stand tall because we trust God.

We are blessed above the rest,

Because God gave us this piece of sod called America.

In the heart of every American is the yearning to be happy and free.

Free from the chains of a king or a pope.

Brave Americans fought with their very last breath for our freedom and they never lost hope that one day all the people will be free and equal.

If one American isn’t free, then no American is free.

We will not be bought or sold.

We stand for truth and justice for all.

America, the land of liberty and the home of the brave and free.

From sea to sea, God shed his grace on thee.

Beauty for Ashes

When all our beautiful dreams have not become reality.

And our reality is just another day of pain, sadness, sickness and brokenness.

Our dreams are crushed, stepped on, burned up, shattered and died.

All our dreams have turned to ashes.

All hope is gone, love can’t be found. Nobody’s around to comfort you.

Nobody cares.

Jesus takes those ashes and pours His living water on them,

And up springs a beautiful new person, a born again person, a whole person with a new heart and a new start.

A person like Him, a giver of beautiful dreams, and hope and love and life.

He makes something beautiful out of our ugly ashes and hopeless dreams.

He turns our tears into tears of joy and our envy into gratitude and hate into love.

And soon, He’s coming to claim His own.

And take us home.

Viola Choate, Henagar, Alabama

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