must admit I loved the big boy. I was 10 or 11 years old when I first saw him. Not only was he bigger than me, he seemed bigger than life. 

Every time I went to visit, he was always out front to greet us with a welcoming smile. Even though he’s been gone for a long time now, since 1977 to be exact, I can still imagine him standing there wearing his signature red-and-white checkered overalls. He never had a hair out of place in his brown pompadour hair do. Of course, that might be explained by the fact that his hair was one solid piece of plastic. His name was written in blue letters right across the front of his white shirt. We simply called him Big Boy, but his full name was Shoney’s Big Boy. Then, suddenly one day, he was gone. He didn’t die, he just disappeared without explanation. The demise of the Big Boy, may have been by his own doings, but I think mainly it was brought about by the fickle change of our culture. His departure may have been the beginning of the demise of the restaurant too. 

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