I have to hand it to Bradley, he is a patient man. The majority of the employees here at the Times-Journal are females. If you combine advertising and editorial, we have three males in the office during the day. Derek Jackson is in advertising, Cody Dowler is the sports editor and then there’s Bradley Roberts, our dear friend and editor.

As a female, I’ll be the first to say that we have our moments. At times, we can be talkative, needy, emotional and anxious; sometimes we’re all of those things at once. With all of that, poor Bradley has to communicate and put up with all of us women day in and day out, and he never loses his patience.

Me, Hannah and Emily are constantly saying, “Hey, Bradley, can you look at this?” “Bradley, can you help me with this headline?” “Bradley, do you want Zaxby’s?” Somehow he manages to keep his composure through all of our neediness for eight hours a day. Now that takes patience, people.

When I first started working here, Bradley had just been promoted to managing editor. While he was learning the ropes in his new position, he wrote stories, covered meetings, trained me and Marysa Wigley and a thousand other things all while editing the newspaper and the Progress edition that we were running during that time.

I can’t recall a time when he snapped on me or Marysa, but I’m sure there were times he let out his frustration while we were not around. He started teaching me from my first day here and he hasn’t stopped. He continues to teach me, Hannah and Emily while writing stories, answering the phone, editing stories and listening to our predicaments of the day all while putting together a newspaper for you guys.

He certainly lives up to the title of managing editor because that’s what he does— he manages. He manages to do 18 different things at one time with three ladies constantly needing something. He manages to write his own stories while editing ours. He manages to crack a few jokes throughout the day, and most importantly, he manages the paper. If it were up to me, his title would be the Times-Journal Patiently Managing Editor.

So if you see Bradley out and about, tell him how good of a job he does here at the TJ, and tell him you admire him for his patience, because I know we all certainly do.

Kayla Beaty is the art director for the Times-Journal. Her column appears in the Saturday-Sunday edition of the Times-Journal.

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