Is there a crisis at the border? Fox News says a resounding YES. The current administration doesn’t use that word. What are we to believe?

In my mind, there clearly is. But not the crisis that Fox News is claiming. They would have you believe that the crisis is that we are being invaded by horrid, disease-ridden people, mostly children. Oh my! What are we rich, wonderful Americans to do? Trust me. Whatever negative impact the people at the border might have on Americans, it in no way compares to what the migrants themselves are experiencing. Imagine how bad your situation would have to be to walk 1,000 miles to escape it. That is the crisis.

I can hear you now saying that not all the people crossing the border are in bad situations. And even if they are, the U.S. cannot just open up and let everyone in. We should take care of needy Americans first. Oddly, the same people who say that are the ones most opposed to any action that takes care of Americans in need. Fox News staunchly opposed the legislation that helps people who lost their jobs due to Covid. Clearly, they are making political choices instead of moral choices.

When a situation arises where a decision must be made regarding how America treats humans, animals, or the earth, do you turn on Fox News to tell you how you should feel? Do you look to a particular politician to determine what side you’re on? Maybe it’s time to check your own moral code instead of your political code.

Interestingly, Fox News seems to have little concern about the actual crisis. They are more focused on the semantics of whether you call it a crisis. They criticize but do not propose solutions.

Life is not black and white. Real solutions always involve compromise. It is our elected representatives’ job to work toward those compromises. I haven’t heard Senator Shelby, Senator Tuberville or Representative Aderholt propose one solution regarding what to do with a child at the border. Nor have they indicated a willingness to work with the opposition to solve the problem.

We need an immigration policy that addresses the issue while considering the humanity involved. That requires compromise. And that matters a great deal more than whether you use the word “crisis”.

Tobey Miller, Fort Payne, Alabama

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