The Times-Journal is working with the Fort Payne Rotary Club to host a forum for candidates for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Judge seat on May 8.

The event is going to start at 5:30 p.m. in the Fort Payne City Auditorium.

There have been three Republican candidates who qualified by Feb. 9 for the June 5 primary election. We are now just over a month out from this important election, and its time that you start to narrow down and understand your selection as a candidate.

The three candidates, Andrew Hairston, Scott Lloyd and Jeff McCurdy, are running for Place 2, which is currently held by Judge Randall Cole, who is set to retire.

We can’t stress how important this position of circuit court judge is. But, take a second and look at two of the stories on today’s front page, though.

One of the stories refers to a case tried by Judge Cole in 1983, and the other by Judge Jeremy Taylor.

The decisions that these men make have lasting repercussions. They are decisions that affect families and the community as a whole.

So, it’s important that you know where these judges stand, their belief systems and how they would react in certain situations in the courtroom.

For these reasons and many more, we hope you will take the time to come to this candidate forum and listen carefully to the answers these judges give.

It’s important to have an informed and prepared electorate when it comes to the primary election date. We hope you will attend this forum.

Our View is the opinion of the Times-Journal’s editorial board, which includes Publisher Tricia Clinton-Dunne, Managing Editor Bradley Roberts.

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