When we look back on American history, we can’t help but be impressed and awed by the sacrifices that people have made to keep this wonderful ideal we call “America” alive. People have fought wars, been wounded, and died for our freedoms. These days, people are so focused on themselves that they consider the inconvenience of wearing a mask too much to ask; a vaccination too much to sacrifice for America’s sake.

We could get this pandemic under control if we’d just take a few commonsense steps. We could have our economy back, our schools open, and even get the hugs we’ve so desperately missed. This is a serious public health crisis. America needs for you to get vaccinated. As David Brooks, a well-known Republican columnist, writes, “We’re not asking you to storm the beaches of Iwo Jima; we’re asking you to walk into a damned CVS.”

Nobody fought and died for your freedom to ignore public health and think only of yourself. If getting vaccinated is too much of a sacrifice for you to make, too much of an inconvenience in your life, the ideal that is America is in grave danger. If the only thing you are willing to do for America is to wave a flag and tell us what a patriot you are, we are in a world of hurt.

Frankly, America asks little of its citizens, especially when you consider all that America gives you. Is the freedom to ignore public health and refuse to get a vaccination a freedom that you would fight and die for? Probably not. But ironically, you may be asking someone else to die for your freedom to do so.

What will you do for America?

Tobey Miller,

Fort Payne, Alabama

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