The Mary C. Weatherly Memorial Foundation along with The DeKalb County Public Library would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who made a donation through our recent letter campaign. It was a big success. Every person’s donation, whether large or small, added to our success.

The Library was able to provide a wonderful Summer Reading Program this year and they have already begun big plans for next year as well. Money raised by the foundation make this yearly event possible. The program this year was themed “A Universe of Stories”.

Over 800 children attended and enjoyed this year’s programs.

Please be assured, The Foundation has no overhead. All funds go directly to a library function or long term need. If you have not donated, but would like to, you can bring your donation by the library or mail it to the address listed below.

We are open for donations all year.

Mary C. Weatherly Memorial Foundation

P.O. Box 680833

Fort Payne, AL 35968-1609

We take pride in the generosity of our patrons in DeKalb County and Fort

Payne; as we do for the children who visit our library and take part in our events.

A child who can read will grow up to be an adult who can think.

Don Stout,

Foundation Chairman

Fort Payne

Send letters to the Times-Journal by writing P.O. Box 680349, Fort Payne, AL 35968. Fax 256-845-7459. Email kbeaty@times-

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