I’ve tried to make it through this U.S. Senate Special Election circus without writing a column about it, but I covered it from start to finish, and I only feel like it’s fitting to write something today.

The best thing about the end of the election is that we finally won’t have to worry about those excessive TV ads. I joked the other day that I couldn’t get on social media, turn my TV on or answer my phone anymore without being inundated with Doug Jones and Roy Moore advertisements. I even had several people write me postcards telling me to vote one way or another.

The entire nation was watching the state of Alabama on Tuesday night, and about 40 percent of the registered voters showed up to vote in the special election, which was a surprise to me.

I’ve had the opportunity to cover both Moore and Jones as they made stops in DeKalb County in the last remaining weeks leading up to the election, and I will say that I was impressed with turnouts for both events.

I appreciate that I work for a county that participates in politics like they do. I’ve enjoyed our conversations over the past few months, and I’ve liked reading your letters. I may not have always agreed with you, but I’ve always felt like it was important as a reporter to present all of the facts and just allow you to make your own decisions.

DeKalb County voted overwhelmingly in support of Moore.

The votes will be certified by Secretary of State John Merrill next week, and after provisional ballots, or even a recount, it appears that it would be “highly unlikely” for the outcome to change.

Be that as it may, I want to just encourage readers to do the same thing that I would say no matter who was elected Tuesday: Just give him a chance in the Senate.

John Baker told me in the story on the front page today that Jones was elected in Alabama on Tuesday largely because of Republican voters that were swayed to vote for him. For that reason, I feel like Jones will do anything he can to make sure that he works alongside Republicans to ensure the best possible outcome for Alabama.

We need that in a U.S. Senator, and it’s my hope that he does this. However, if he doesn’t, hold him accountable. We all have to, and we should show up at the polls in 2020 with our concerns.We like to talk about how we need to pray for this state, this nation and our leaders, and I hope that you all won’t stop. Continue to do this for Jones, Shelby and the state’s U.S. Representatives, as well.

We need to do this. They need our support. We all want what’s best for Alabama. Maybe now the election is over we can try to have that.

Bradley Roberts is managing editor of the Times-Journal. His email address is broberts@times-Journal.com

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