It’s the end of March, summer is just around the corner, and people all around me are gearing up. From dieting to look their best in swimsuits to planning their summer vacations.

I, however, fall into that small percentage of the population who do not care for summer. I know what you’re thinking, and believe me when I tell you I have tried to enjoy the summer months. I have stayed active, but summers in Alabama are filled with humidity, making it impossible for a winter lover such as myself to enjoy it.

I have no desire to be dripping sweat from merely stepping outside. The irony of this whole ordeal is my kids love summer, and it’s for them that I endure the visits to the pool and the June humidity. Along with the campfires and the endless trips to the park. The barbecue outings where my legs stick to the chair, and my hair turns into a wild frizzy mess dripping with sweat.

As my peers get ready for the upcoming months, I am preparing myself for the dreaded heat of July and the many afternoons spent at the ball field for football practice while the south's humidity smothers me into the night. Alas, I brace myself for this year’s ventures. Fishing is on my son’s top list. I’ve only been fishing twice in my whole life, but this year they have coaxed me into it — the things we do for our tiny humans and their happiness.

— Cinthia Rico is a staff writer for the Times-Journal. She can be reached at

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