I don’t like losing things.

I’ve written several times before about my mother losing things. She’s lost her car keys more times that I can count. One year for Christmas I gave her a key rack to put beside the door so she would have a place to put her keys.

She lost the key rack.

I visited my mom during Christmas and my brother and nephew were there. I didn’t get to her house until late at night and noticed they were getting up and changing the channel by hand. So, I knew my mother had lost the remote control.

I went to get a glass of water and opened the freezer and the remote was sitting on top of a box of ice cream. The next day she was looking for her glasses and they were on top of her head.

She lost her ATM card a couple of times during the weekend, but somehow managed to hang on to her car keys.

Well, I take that back. We went to eat on Saturday and I had to go back into the restaurant to get her keys.

I’m personally paranoid about losing things. So, I have a specific place where I put my car keys, wallet, pocketknife and glasses when I get home. Every night I put them in the same place. Every morning, all of those things are still in the same place.

So, I don’t lose anything of importance.

That is until last week.

I can see fine up close, so I don’t wear my glasses when I’m reading or working on a computer. I got up to get a book I was reading from the bookshelf. Then I sat down and read for a while. I put the book down and reached over to get my glasses from the same spot I put them every night and they weren’t there.

At first I was kind of puzzled. What had happened to them? I looked on the floor because I thought they fell off the dresser. They weren’t there. I moved everything on the dresser and they still weren’t in sight.

Then I started moving around the room in a circle looking for them. I started at the dresser and spiraled out. There were nowhere in sight. About that time, the phone rang and I went to answer it.

I picked up the phone and my mother asked, “What are you doing?”

The phone sits on one of the book shelves. And right next to the phone were my glasses. I guess I set them down absent-mindedly when I got the book.

I told my mom, “Oh, nothing. I was just reading.”

If I told her I was looking for my glasses I never would have heard the end of it.

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