The Fort Payne City Council and the DeKalb County Commission have both announced the annual spring cleaning schedule.

We should always do our part to keep our county’s landscape clean. Our local governing bodies are doing what they can to help make our “spring cleaning” more convenient for us and more ecofriendly for the environment.

The county commission announced that dumpsters will be placed at the Republic Services Sand Valley Landfill in the Lebanon area. These will stay open on three designated weekends this month, and they are free for the public to use. So, if you have any unwanted items that you need to throw away, make a trip to the landfill on either April 6,7,13,14,20 or 21.

The Fort Payne City Council on Tuesday announced that the city landfill will be open to Fort Payne residents every Saturday this month. If you live inside the Fort Payne city limits, and can show landfill personnel your proof of residency, the landfill service will be free to use.

Patrick Dunne, solid waste coordinator for the city, said the hours are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on those days. He also said there will be people at the landfill who can help with the unloading of the unwanted items if needed.

There are designated containers at the city landfill for what you have to get rid of, so be mindful of the containers you put your unwanted items in.

I want to encourage all DeKalb County residents to pitch in during these spring cleaning schedules set by the city and county. I believe that we should all do our part to keep DeKalb County looking beautiful 365 days a year, but we need to take advantage of these free services this month nonetheless. We live in a beautiful area; let’s keep it that way.

Kayla Beaty is the managing editor of the Times-Journal. She can be reached at

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