One of my favorite things to eat is ice cream. I don’t have a favorite flavor because I love all kinds. The temperature is not a factor for me either when it comes to the classic dessert. I enjoy ice cream in the dead of winter and in the scorching hot summer. Every day is a good day to eat ice cream, but this time of year is when most people get out their homemade ice cream makers.

My dad has always had an ice cream freezer, and over the years he has perfected his Wendy’s chocolate frosty recipe. The recipe is simple, it calls for one can sweetened condensed milk, a tub of Cool Whip and a half gallon of chocolate milk. You just have to mix everything together in the ice cream maker and then turn it on for 30 to 45 minutes.

Once the frosty has reached the desired consistency, it is ready to be served. It’s delicious and it tastes just like a Wendy’s frosty.

I have done my share of experimenting with homemade ice cream and this is the year for me to find the perfect homemade coconut ice cream recipe. I could always search the web and find a generic recipe, but I would much rather get it from our readers.

If anyone has a homemade coconut ice cream recipe, or any other unique homemade ice cream recipe that they would like to share, please, mail them to me and I will gladly share them with the rest of the Times-Journal staff.

–Send recipes to P.O. Box 680349

— Kayla Beaty is the managing editor of the Times-Journal. She can be reached at

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