Twenty-six years later, I finally got the opportunity to met the man who helped bring me into this world– Dr. Blake Isbell, OB/GYN.

Dr. Isbell and his precious wife, Bonnie, came to the T-J office a few weeks ago for an interview for a story in an upcoming edition of our DeKalb Living magazine.

I got to sit down with them and hear a number of incredible stories from his 35-year career of delivering babies. Right away I could tell that they were Godly people. It was such an honor to interview Dr. Isbell because he has an immaculate reputation as an OB/GYN in DeKalb County. Most everyone in DeKalb County knows the Isabell family’s careers in the medical field go back for generations.

The Isbell doctor that many of you know is John B. Isbell, but before him was Dr. Arthur Isbell. I learned, in my interview with Dr. Blake and Bonnie, that Dr. Arthur started practicing in 1912. I was astonished at that fact because that means that Dr. Arthur would have been delivering babies in the horse and buggy days. Later, Dr. John B. Isbell was joined by Dr. Charles Isbell, and then Dr. Blake Isbell joined.

There is a legacy that follows them because together, the those Isbell doctors have been in practice for 106 consecutive years, and I became aware of this legacy during our interview.

Dr. Blake Isbell has delivered thousands of babies, and cared for thousands of women through the years, so I felt a lot of pressure to do a good job on the story. Thursday, I put in a whole day’s work solely writing the story because I wanted to do this incredible man justice.

I quickly realized that there is noting I can do, say, or write that would come remotely close to honoring the 35-year career and ministry Dr. Blake Isbell dedicated his life to.

In our interview, he gave all the credit to God and his family. Hearing him say that made me glad to know that such a humble, Godly man helped bring me into this world. With that being said, I believe that those of us with a connection to Dr. Blake Isbell were blessed from the beginning. So, thank you, Dr. Blake Isbell, for helping my mom bring me into this world through God himself.

Kayla Beaty is the managing editor of the Times-Journal. She can be reached at

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