What a busy week in DeKalb County.

The week started off with record breaking numbers at our 14th annual Boom Days Heritage Festival. I serve on the Boom Days committee and have been involved with the event for several years.

Most people do not realize we work on this event all year long. We meet at least once a month, and more, closer to the time of the event. Our committee is committed to making the best decisions for the community. Everyone has different taste in music. People ask why we don’t get new bands or bigger acts. People do not understand that music acts are very expensive. Boom Days is a free festival. We are not trying to make money. We are trying to put on a great family-friendly event that has something for everyone to enjoy.

I think this year’s event did just that. Diamond Rio brought the largest crowd we have ever seen. According to Tourism Director John Dersham, an estimated 10,000 people attend this years event. There’s no way we can ever get an exact total because there are so many things going on all day long. What I do know is the streets were filled with people all day long. Altrusa sold more wristbands for the children’s area than ever before. Some food vendors ran out of food because they were so busy and everyone just seemed to have a good time. Diamond Rio put on a great show. But what I loved most this year were the local acts that performed on the main stage for the first time. We have never put local acts on the main stage and this year we put five different local bands on that stage. This has been something I have been passionate about for a long time. Our local music talent is amazing and it showed last weekend. Each year, we try to improve this event and I would love to hear from you. Good or bad comments welcomed. We can’t grow the event unless we get feedback from the public. If you have a suggestion or question about Boom Days, please send me an email tricia.clinton@times-journal.com

— Tricia Dunne is president and publisher of the Times-Journal. Her column appears in the paper’s weekend edition. Email: tclinton@times-journal.com.

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