Appreciate others, compliment work ethic

It is a busy time for the staff at the Times-Journal. We are working at full speed on our 2019 Progress Edition. This year’s theme is “Building our Future.” Everything we do in our community helps build the future for generations to come.

Progress is eight sections that run the last eight days in March that include Planning, Learning, Arts, Playing, Industry, Healing, Friends, People and the honor roll of businesses. These sections will have close to 50 stories in them that tell about how local people and businesses are helping build our future. We want to highlight these stories and encourage others in the community to strive to go above and beyond.

As you can imagine, this is a lot of work on the Times-Journal employees. We have a limited staff to cover all these stories, photos and ads. They also have a paper to put out, a monthly magazine and all kinds of other promotions to produce. The staff here at the Times-Journal are passionate about our community. They want the best for it, and they want to see it thrive.

News is not always positive, and we have to report those stories too. Our Progress section and DeKalb Living gives us an outlet to tell the good stories. We are able to tell our readers how these individuals, businesses and organizations are working to ensure that the future of our community will continue to be successful.

Our work is not always perfect. We make mistakes just like you do. The only difference is, thousands of people see ours. Rarely do people say, you did a great job. People these days will take the time to complain and will not take the time to compliment. This is not just with us, its everywhere.

When you go to a restaurant and have a bad server, you complain to the manager, tell your friends or put it on social media. Why do we not do that when we have a great experience? We all need to do this more often. When you appreciate someone’s work ethic tell them, their manager and tell the world how great they did.

I want to personally say thank you to the staff at the Times-Journal. I watch them every day pour their hearts and souls into this paper and magazine and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

— Tricia Dunne is the president and publisher of the Times-Journal. She can be reached at

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