My time at the Times-Journal has come to an end. I have accepted the position as Treasurer for the City of Fort Payne. I spent 15 years of my life at the TJ.

So many wonderful memories and relationships were built during that time. This job has opened so many doors for me. I have volunteered with many clubs, organizations and events that allowed me to meet so many great people in DeKalb County. It is the great people of DeKalb that have made The Times-Journal a success. There are always amazing stories to be told about the people and things happening in our hometown.

In the 15 years I spent at The Times-Journal our community has seen much change and progress. We suffered through floods, major tornado destruction and the huge economic hit of losing many of our socks mills. But we prevailed by bringing in industries like the Children’s Place, Plasman, and Ferguson with the help of Economic Development Director Jimmy Durham. With the leadership of DeKalb Tourism President John Dersham, we took our tourism industry to the next level, and we are now the second most visited area in the State of Alabama. Our visionary School Superintendents Jim Cunningham, Jason Barnett and former Superintendent Charles Warren have made our city and county schools some of the best in the state. Don’t forget those Alabama Band Bronze statues we put up that draw thousands of people each year! We now have an abundance of local stores that I can remind you one last time, to please support and shop local.

I love my TJ family, past and present. Each employee that worked at the TJ holds a special place in my heart, and years of working early mornings at Boom Days, Race to Embrace and the hilarious Kudzu Follies are all special memories.

I have always wanted the best for our community and I tried to lead DeKalb County in a positive direction through the newspaper.

Honest and trustworthy community journalism is so important right now and I will continue to support my TJ crew and I hope you will too.

I am so excited for this new chapter in my life and I plan on Moving Fort Payne Forward for many years to come!

I will be forever grateful for the love and support you have all given me.


Tricia Dunne is the former president and publisher of the Times-Journal. She resigned Oct. 13. She will begin working as an employee of the City of Fort Payne on Oct. 26. 

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