he last Alabama legislative session approved a bill to ban crossover voting in run-off elections.

Alabama Senate Bill 108 prohibits voters from switching parties between primary and run-off elections.

Voters who chose a Republican party ballot may only participate in the Republican run-off on Sept. 26. On Aug. 15, voters went to their polling places to vote in the U.S. Senate special election. 

Upon arriving, a poll worker should have asked voters which party ballot they preferred. Poll workers were then supposed to record which party ballot the voter selected in order to keep track of who voted for which party. Some poll workers were sloppy in recording each voter’s party ballot choice, thus forcing Judge Jeremy Taylor to sign an order to review unmarked ballots. Prior to the Sept. 26 run-off, all ballots must be marked in order to allow all Republican voters to participate in the run-off election. The law appropriately prevents voters from one party to try to sway the outcome of the other party’s run-off election. 

However, the law needs to be amended to include a better way of recording party ballots that does not completely rely on the poll workers. The new law also allows all counties to use electronic booklets in place of the paper booklets.

Why is DeKalb County still using paper ballots when electronic ballots would have properly recorded voter’s preferred party ballot?

Regardless of the use of electronic ballots, the new law needs to clearly state a better way of marking party ballots that is not completely dependent on a poll worker. 

Our View is the opinion of the Times-Journal’s editorial board, which includes Publisher Tricia Clinton-Dunne, Managing Editor Bradley Roberts and Staff Writer Kelsey Daenen.

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