The June 5 primary is just a few days away.

The greatest freedom we have as Americans is our right to vote. It is very important that you take the time to vote. People in other countries would love to have this right that Americans so often take for granted. There are several races in our local primary that will not even make it to the general election because there are no Democrats running for that position.

One of those being the DeKalb County Circuit Judge, and another very important race is the position of the DeKalb County Sheriff. These two spots will affect every single person in DeKalb County. It is not only important that you vote, but you need to encourage others around you to vote as well.

Also on your ballot, there will be up to five amendments for continuing school taxation. This is not a new tax. You will not be asked to pay any more than you already do on your property tax. But I can tell you, that your property value will go down if this doesn’t pass.

Our schools desperately need this money to operate. They honestly do not know how they will survive without it. I have heard people say, “I don’t have a kid in school, so it doesn’t affect me.”

This is wrong.

The first thing industries look at when they are considering bringing business and new jobs into our community is our schools. Without businesses and jobs, our communities cannot survive. If we don’t support our school systems, then our community will suffer as a whole.

So, whether you have children in school or not, please make it a point to vote in favor of proposed taxation on June 5. Superintendents Jim Cunningham and Jason Barnett are actively supporting this vote. Last week we ran letters from both of them and plan on running them again next weekend because it is that important. We have posted their letters and DeKalb County School board member Mark Richards’ letters of support on our website and Facebook page.

Our schools are the heartbeat of this community. They need our support. Get out, vote June 5 and take a friend.

Tricia Clinton-Dunne is president and publisher of the Times-Journal. Her column appears in the paper’s weekend edition. Email:

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