A total of 60 Collinsville students recently participated in the school’s first-ever summer program.

Collinsville 21st Century Program Director Jacqueline Clanton sought out to provide students with an interactive educational program years ago.

She and other instructors at Collinsville worked together to write a grant in hopes of receiving the funds to provide their students with the educational tools they need at an early age.

The grant was awarded to Collinsville School in 2016, and the school launched its first grant-funded summer program June 5.

During the four-week program, students heard themed lessons on Mondays and took field trips on Thursdays.

During week one, students were taught about environmental science, and took a field trip to DeSoto State Park.

Week two was geared towards science and engineering with a field trip to the McWane Science Center.

During week three, students studied ocean life and later took a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium.

The last week’s theme was space. Students studied our solar system and traveled to Huntsville to tour the U.S. Space and Rocket center.

The 60 students who participated in the summer program will remember those four weeks for years to come.

The things they learned, the things they made and even the way the activities made the students feel has broadened their educational horizons for the future.

By having a vision for her students and using her passion to drive her forward in writing the grant, Mrs. Clanton has given the students at Collinsville an educational opportunity of a lifetime.

Alabama schools are lucky to have the educational system they have. But most importantly, Alabama school students are lucky to have teachers who will go above and beyond to supply them with the tools necessary to gain the knowledge needed to be successful in life.  

Our View is the opinion of the Times-Journal’s editorial board, which includes Publisher Tricia Clinton-Dunne and Managing Editor Bradley Roberts.

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