Delta variant: The creepy white van that’s following your kids

This is an opinion cartoon.

There is a creepy white van following your kids. What are you gonna do? Call the police? Take matters into your own hands?

With the COVID strain that has a taste for children, you can do both. In one or two quick jabs. The single best thing a parent can do to protect their children against this delta variant predator is get vaccinated. It’s an extra layer of protection. A free home security system.

The unvaccinated are the kindling to this latest COVID wildfire.

Keep the wolves at bay. Take the shot. You don’t have to take it for yourself. You don’t have to take one for the team.

Take the shot for your kids.


JD Crowe is the cartoonist for Alabama Media Group and and 2020 RFK Human Rights Award winner for Editorial Cartoons.

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