Critical Race Theory? COVID is winning and grinning in Alabama

This is an opinion cartoon.

Ever wonder why Alabama always brings up the rear in education but is now off the charts in COVID cases? Our so-called political “leaders” are more afraid that school children might learn the truth about racial history than they are about sending those same kids unmasked into a fiery hot pandemic. That’s why COVID is winning and grinning in Alabama. We’re silly putty in its hands.

Kyle Whitmire’s column lays it all out quite nicely: “Alabama state school board reacts to COVID by banning critical race theory”

Excerpt: “If you want to understand why Alabama lags behind the rest of the country in education, the state school board would be a good place to start.

“And if you want to understand why Alabama is near the top in coronavirus cases per capita, the state school board would be a good place to start for that, too.”

Gov. Kay Ivey, in a brief accidental moment of enlightenment, said it best: “Its time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks.”


JD Crowe is the cartoonist for Alabama Media Group and and 2020 RFK Human Rights Award winner for Editorial Cartoons.

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