Dear Editor,

Alabama’s Robert E. Lee Holiday in January is over 120 years old; our oldest Holiday named for a famous historical figure.

The last time Americans fought for freedom from oppressive taxes, Robert E. Lee, who did not own any slaves, was the Commanding General of the Confederate States Army.

Leading Lincoln’s invasion to collect his 200% tax on steel plows and iron stoves from pioneer farmers to subsidize Wall Street industries, was Commanding General U.S. Grant, who owned 4 slaves during the War.

Because of Lincoln’s invasion, Americans today pay over a 40% tax rate on their earnings, spending and possessions to finance a trillion-dollar, centralized, federal government.

Lincoln committed treason by levying war against the sovereign, independent States, as stated in Article III, Section III of the U.S. Constitution: “Treason against the United States shall consist ONLY in levying War against THEM (the States).”

Robert E. Lee Holiday symbolizes freedom from oppressive taxes, yet giant corporate-owned Republicans joined with the socialist Democrats last year to sponsor a Bill in Alabama’s Legislature to abolish Robert E. Lee Holiday in January, his birth month.

Shamefully, one of those sponsors was Senator Greg Reed (Republican-Jasper), who is Alabama Legislature’s President Pro-Tem of the Senate, the most powerful Senator in Alabama.

Our State Senators have again elected Greg Reed as their leader for 2023. Our Senators should persuade Reed to oppose, not support, abolishing Robert E. Lee Holiday in January.

Roger K. Broxton, President

Confederate Heritage Fund

Andalusia, Alabama

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