It has been said that religion and politics should be kept separate. According to the United States Constitution, there should not be a religion rule. 

Democracy is the government for the people and by the people.

The majority rules, according to our laws and rules.

Christians and Bible-believing folk should be involved in politics. They should vote in elections and hold public offices. 

Indifference is the main reason this nation is in the mess that it is in. 

Our constitution is set up according to the Bible. From the beginning, God’s name was included in it. The freedom of worship and the right to bear arms and etc. Also, freedom of speech is a right. 

It seems to me that our judges are trying to change the constitution from what it stood for. “Fake” news, slander and lies on folks is not free speech. 

Those that are guilty, should be held responsible for what comes out of their mouth. 

Christian, infidel or unbeliever, we all have to live under the same system. 

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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