It’s to my understanding that during the 2020 campaign, that some of the Democrats are proposing a socialistic platform, socialism will not work. A study in history indicates that.

Man was created and made in the image of God. He is to rule and dominate the earth. (Genesis 1:26-31).

Socialism takes away his right of free choice, takes away his right to fail (mess up). It makes a man a robot. If man is a robot, where is the love for God and his fellow man? How can he rule and dominate the earth without free choice?

Man’s destiny is determined by the decision he makes when convicted by the Holy Ghost. Socialism will not work if embraced by any party (Democratic or Republican). There is very little difference between communism and socialism. It 's also to my understanding that certain facts are being left out of our history books these days (quoting by our forefathers pertaining to God).

Please keep this in mind when you vote.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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