Happy 2019! As some people are busy making and breaking their New Year’s resolutions, I have decided on a continuing resolution with no end date.

My resolution is to continue frequenting all my favorite people and locales in Fort Payne. Shopping locally brings me great joy and is a reward in itself.

On a typical day out, my first atop would Timesaver/Fuel City at Fischer Crossroads. Kris and Teri are always fun to stop in and visit with. These ladies really care about the community, as evidenced by the many fundraisers organized by Kris and her husband, Shane. If someone needs help, the Fischer volunteers are there. You will find Kris, Shane, Teri and Howard Babb, Josh Burt, Dally and Ashley Howell, Martha Bobo and many others volunteering to help their friends and neighbors. What a great community to live in!

By the way, on a typical day, stop in for the best hamburger around!

My next stop would be Roger’s Pawn, Music and Jewelry. (Main Street—Gault Ave.) Dan Patterson and his wife Marie are always so welcoming. I love this store! It is filled with something for everyone. Dan sells and repairs new and vintage musical instruments. His employee, Tyler, is very talented with repairing instruments. Jennifer is great at purchasing unique pieces of jewelry. She always helps me select stunning pieces. There is a wide range of process, so it is easy to shop for gifts and a gift for yourself. It is like visiting family when you stop here.

Next, I cross the street and visit Roger at Pieces of the Past. It is so easy amidst all the antiques to find a “treasure” I can’t live without.

If I am looking to purchase land or have a friend moving to the area, my next stop is Southern Properties. At Southern Properties, I would speak to the number one, best realtor I have ever met, Kevin Burt. (I have moved many times, so I know a great realtor when I meet one.)

Now, if either of my pets is ill, we head to Fort Payne Veterinary Center on Industrial Lane. My cat and dog are treated with love and care by Dr. Lee Whetstone and his staff. I have complete confidence in their skill and ability mixed with loving compassion.

I have really worked up an appetite! My next stop, Sally’s Smokin’ Butt. My favorite food here—brisket, ribs, chicken, well everything. The owners, Sally and Angie, put a lot of love into the food and they even cater! I love to take company here for a meal. I always hear rave reviews.

Now, another restaurant that I frequent is Sumo’s (they cater, also.) Sumo has a brand new lunch menu with many specials the people who run this restaurant are very nice.

It is evident why my resolution is to continue shopping locally. When you shop locally, you are treated like family and you are helping support your local community.

Toni Mahoney, Fort Payne

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