If my word means anything to folks, I recommend and endorse President Donald J. Trump and the Republican party for election in 2020. They stand for values and the principles for which this country was founded. That’s the only hope for this nation. It is only by God’s mercy that this nation survived this long.

From the beginning I did not vote for President Trump in the primary, for I had questions about reputation and character. However, I voted for him in the general election, and I have intentions of voting for him and the Republican party again. I strongly suggest that for eligible people to get out and vote, for we have to out up with regardless of who’s elected. I’m sick and tired of “professing Christians” not taking a stand and not getting involved in politics and government. They will gripe and complain if things are not going right.

I was told that last elections polls predicted that Mrs. Hilary Clinton would be elected. The polls proved to be wrong. What was the difference? The Christians and the church people went to the polls and voted.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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Due to its word count, this letter is the first in a series of three letters that will print in the next two weekend editions.

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