I worked in high level management for many years. One of the most difficult tasks I experienced was choosing good candidates to fill vacant positions. I interviewed hundreds of people over the years and became good at finding excellent employees.

When someone runs for public office, they are applying for a job. Whatever the office, the job has specific duties and requires specific skill sets. A campaign is a job interview. And the voter is the boss. Steve Flowers’ really missed the mark in his opinion column when suggested that all Tuberville must do in his campaign is say he’s got Trump’s back. Really? If he is applying for a job to represent me, I’d rather he had my back. I’d at least want him to tell me where he stands on healthcare, pre-existing conditions, mental health issues and Medicaid expansion. He also needs to tell me how he feels about education, foreign policy, agriculture, the deficit and the host of other issues that a senator must address.

I’d also like to know about Tuberville’s character. Will he be careful with my money? He wasn’t careful with his own or anyone else’s when he and his partner ripped off investors in his hedge fund. What skills and talents does he bring to the office? Knowing football will not help him in the senate. Will he uphold the constitution as his oath of office requires? Has he ever read the constitution? Has he served the public in the past? Does he know anything about governance?

Doug Jones is working for Alabama, not Donald Trump. He has pushed to expand Medicaid, to protect people with pre-existing conditions, and to keep rural hospitals open. He works to protect Alabama agriculture and businesses by fighting the damage done by Trump’s tariffs. For veterans he sponsored the repeal of the Widow’s Tax and works to ensure that Alabama military bases receive full support. He really is, as his campaign boasts, working for one Alabama.

Regardless of your party affiliation, you make a huge mistake if you hire someone who is not the best candidate for the job. For the next 6 years what good will it be for Alabama to have a senator who “has Trump’s back”? Wouldn’t it be better to choose someone who has Alabama’s back and actually has the skills needed to serve in the senate?

Tobey Miller, Fort Payne, Alabama

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