I am writing this letter concerning discrimination. I hear plenty about discrimination concerning race, sexes and the poor from the news media. I hear very little concerning the elderly.

I feel that the elderly are discriminated against more than any other group.

I’m 76 years old and have been in the nursing home over five years. I have experienced things that goes on in here that folks don’t know about from the outside. I’m not talking about what goes on inside.

We have some staff that are dedicated, some folks come around regularly to check on their kin. Plenty of folks on the outside are too busy to visit.

If you want to bless an elderly person, share a little time with them. Their time is short, and after they are dead and gone it is too late. For there is no knowledge in the grave.

We all have problems, mental or physical, in our old age, and that’s why are here. There are folks here with wisdom and talents and they should be recognized. I work the puzzles in your newspaper in order to keep my mind sharp. I also write poetry while I’m here.

I didn’t come here to lay around and die.

But I hope to contributed to society while I am here.

I think that one day out of the year should be set aside in recognition of nursing home day for the people that are in our nursing homes.

After all, they have paid their dues in raising the younger generation. We all have feelings and should be respected. All that I ask is for recognition and your time.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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