Dear our new DeKalb community,

Words cannot begin to express my heartfelt thanks for the overwhelming kindness, concern and response to those all who aided my parents involved in an accident Thursday night near the Walgreens stoplight. My parents having recently moved here from Virginia are new to this area. They now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Southern hospitality in this community is not just a saying but a way of life.

To all those in the community who leaped out of their cars to aid my elderly parents; or the man who carried my mum to the side of the road; the nurses who ran in their direction having just gotten off work; the man who provided my dad comfort from the car dealership, the lady who brought my dad to the hospital to be with my mum; the woman who helped my dad call with her cell phone so we could get to them; to the nurses who took care of my parents at the hospital,; the witnesses’ who stayed until the police arrived; to our church members who began praying immediately, to the lady who I met the next day who said her prayers immediately went out to whoever was involved in that wreck (not ever knowing who it was); we thank you!

Unfortunately, we do not know most of your names, who helped, or aided my parents, but we do know that there are angels that walk among you in this community daily. With all the strife and ugliness in our world right now, it is such a blessing to find those who are so willing to help others as though they are their own family members when faced with a crisis!

In the words of a neighbor, Charles over at Sand Mountain Muffler,“Helping folks is just what we do around here because it’s about doing the right thing.” We know these aren’t just words but is practiced daily throughout many of you in this community.

God bless you all,

Debra Proctor, Dawson, Alabama

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