Are we any better off financially since we have alcohol sales in various places in the county? I read that Fort Payne wants Sunday sales. The folks that want this want the extra money that the sales will bring.

It is a shame and disgrace that this kind of motivation goes on. I’ve seen how alcohol abuse goes on. It destroys families and homes. I’ve seen my relatives affected by this kind of abuse. To me, the folks who promote this practice are just as guilty as the folks who are affected by it.

In this nation, there are states that are legalizing medical and/ or recreational marijuana. I’m told that this is the Bible Belt. There are plenty of church members in this country, but where are their principles and morals?

2017 has been unpredictable on national disasters and man made disasters. In the name of common sense, that should tell folks something. It’s time for people who claim to be Christians start to represent and stop the hypocrisy.

Jerry Turlington, Fort Payne

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