In this life, there’s no such thing as a free lunch or free medical care. Somebody must bear the cost if it comes through the government. The government is forced to raise taxes on the people that work and finance the program. More laws and regulating must be enacted to enforce these principles and thus it curtails or limits our freedom.

For over two hundred and fifty years the United States of America has been the greatest nation on the Earth. Why change the system we have now?

Great ideas and inventions always come from talented and gifted individuals, not the government. This nation is not perfect; man is not perfect. Why take his right from him to fail? We are in danger of losing our freedom.

The fact that abortion of babies is being practiced will in the future cut down on the workforce to fund the government.

People kill people; guns and weapons just make it more handy. Gun control is not the answer to that problem. Law enforcement and capital punishment is the answer. Every person should have the right to defend himself. (Genesis 9:6)

The 2020 election is vital and critical to the nation. The choice of government this nation is to have depends on the outcome. Socialism is not the answer. It will abolish our freedoms and our principles. It will bankrupt this nation. I have always heard that the Republican party is for the rich. Where do folks think the jobs and employment come from? It does not come through the government.

The other choice; it is better to have some poor folk than the whole nation go bankrupt. (John 12:8) In this life it’s not intended for everyone to be rich. The government shouldn’t be responsible in helping the poor. The churches and charity organizations should have this burden. (Acts 6 and 1 Corinthians 13)

This country was founded on biblical principles and the folks that desired free speech and the freedom to worship God as they choose. So why change it?

These are a few of the reasons that I endorse Donald J. Trump and the Republican party in this election. Young folks, pray and think before you vote. Your future depends on how you will cast your ballot. Please, think about your future and how this decision will affect your children. This nation was founded and paid for by hard work and the blood that was shed on the battlefields.

Jerry Turlington,

Fort Payne

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